The farm in photos: March 11-17

Happy Spring!  Things are really gearing up here: the wild plums are already pretty much done blooming, the apples have started to bloom, early-spring crops are growing fast, and the weather is fabulous.  Here are a few pictures from the farm in the last week:


One of the last wild plums to bloom



Nectarine “Double Delight”



Playing in the orchard (young trees are caged to prevent deer damage, since the orchard is unfenced).



I can never remember what this flower is called.  (Ha.)


IMG_8905 IMG_8903

Apple “Pink Pearl”



Radishes beginning to form



Morels!  We had an amazing morel year maybe five years ago (literally hundreds of morels in the yard), but have only seen a few each year since then.



Tiny dinosaurs getting bigger.  They’re about two weeks old in this photo.



Pea shoot



And we’ll end on this grotesque-looking thing: a nub of rhubarb starting to swell.

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