The farm in photos: April 22-28

It has been an awesome week here in the Santa Cruz mountains: daytime temps in the seventies and eighties (and yesterday in the nineties!), nighttime temps approaching fifty, the air heavy with the perfume of the philadelphus and the locust trees that have recently begun to bloom.  The bees have been buzzing like crazy in this heat, fanning day and night at the hive entrances to keep the hives cool; the chickens have been lounging in their dust baths and the dog lounging in the hot sun.  I’ve weeded out the last of the garden beds, but have left the weeds in a few under-used corners of the yard; as the weeds have gotten taller, they have become more and more full of ladybugs, soldier beetles, and other beneficial insects.

Here are some photos of the farm from the last week:


The newest raised beds are going nuts!


IMG_9223  IMG_9221  IMG_9216

A trio of lovely roses.



The wild plums are already getting heavy with fruit.  Looking forward to when they start ripening in a month or so!


IMG_9251  IMG_9235

Two varieties of artichoke: Purple de Romagna and Green Globe.



A lovely patch of irises in full bloom in the orchard.


IMG_9112  IMG_9230  IMG_9174

‘Tis the season for white, four-petaled flowers, apparently: arugula, Philadelphus (don’t you wish you had smellivision…er, smellernet?), Lunaria annua.

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