Guess who’s having homegrown escargot for dinner?

No, no, not me – the chickens!  I’m not that awesome adventurous – yet.  Sure, I’ve eaten my share of escargot in restaurants (and have even made them at home on occasion – Trader Joe’s even carries them!).  Slathered with butter and garlic, perhaps even encased in a flaky layer of puff pastry – what’s not to like?  But still, for some reason the idea of eating snails I’ve found in the garden seems a little weird to me.

Maybe it's because I'm so cute.  Who could kill and eat such an adorable little creature?

Maybe it’s because I’m so cute. Who could kill and eat such an adorable little creature?

Plus, I (luckily) don’t really get many snails in my garden.  In fact, just the other day I was  lamenting my lack of snails to my brother and his girlfriend.  Weird, I know – snails are the bane of many gardeners’ existence – but I’d really love a free and abundant source of protein treats to feed my chickens.  Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t water a whole lot, thus not creating much of a habitat for slugs and snails…or maybe it’s the fact that I’m lazy, and leave a lot of weedy corners of my yard untouched, and simply don’t see the snails that actually are quite plentiful.  I’m beginning to think that might be the case, as I was weeding out one of those areas this evening (it was beginning to become a fire hazard  :/ ) and found not one, but several (at least a dozen) snails creeping along in one small, moist corner.  “Ooh, snails!” I exclaimed excitedly, and quickly started picking and chucking them into a bucket to give to the chickens.


Love bugs…er…snails.

Of course, the chickens seemed as wary of eating homegrown snails as I was, and largely ignored the delicious pile of molluscs I’d dumped in their run, preferring instead to peck at small bits of plant matter on my clothing.

You want us to eat what?!?

You want us to eat what?!?

I assume, though, that they eventually figured it out, as the snails were gone when I returned to check on them about half an hour later (and they’re not exactly known for their ability to pull off a speedy escape), and the ground where I’d placed them appeared to be quite scratched up.  I hope the chickens enjoyed their gourmet dinner!

And as far as me eating my own garden snails goes – well, let’s just say you’ll probably be reading about that here eventually.  😉

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