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Fallen Apples = Free Chicken Food!

I have a couple of incredibly productive Gravenstein apple trees, and while they’re quite juicy and delicious, they’re also notorious for dropping their fruit when it gets the least bit ripe.  The boy and I spent some time this morning … Continue reading

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My Dionysian Garden

In The Botany of Desire, Michael Pollan describes two types of gardeners: the Apollonian gardener, who likes everything neat and ordered and in straight rows, and the Dionysian gardener, who allows entropy to take over in the garden to a certain … Continue reading

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Harvest Totals May and June 2013

Here are the harvest totals for May and June (I spilled a beer on my laptop just a few days before the end of May, thus losing the spreadsheet with my harvest data for the month; hero husband recently was … Continue reading

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