Fallen Apples = Free Chicken Food!

I have a couple of incredibly productive Gravenstein apple trees, and while they’re quite juicy and delicious, they’re also notorious for dropping their fruit when it gets the least bit ripe.  The boy and I spent some time this morning doing a major cleanup under one of the trees:


Most of these apples just dropped within the last couple of days, and while bruised, would be fine made into sauce or cider.  They’d have to be processed pretty quickly, though, before they start to rot, and I just don’t have time for that in the next few days (and there will still be plenty of apples on the tree in a week or so when I do have time!).

I could allow them to rot on the ground (and I actually enjoy the fermented-apple smell that wafts through the air when this happens), but why do that when I have 11 chickens eager for treats?


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