Harvest Totals November 2013

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?  Herbs picked for use in Thanksgiving dinner.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair? Herbs picked for use in Thanksgiving dinner.

Here are the harvest totals for November, with approximate market value (using retail pricing from our local grocery store and the farmer’s market, with guesstimate pricing on items I haven’t seen for sale).  Pricing reflects produce comparable to what we’re growing: high-quality, in-season, organic fruits and veggies, and eggs from happy chickens fed an organic, GMO-free diet.  I try my best to remember to weigh everything I bring into the house, but these weights do not include the food that we graze on outside!  (Weights for fruits, especially, are much lower than the actual production of the plants, since the toddler and I both consume vast quantities of fruit while working/playing outside.  For example, we have 10 blueberry plants, but have not brought a single blueberry into the house!)

A few of these items (blackberries, for example) were not grown on the farm, but were gleaned from the wild/roadside/parks, or from the trees of people in the neighborhood who couldn’t use all of their fruit.

If you don’t care to look at the chart, there is a summary and total dollar value at the end.

Item October Total 2013 Total market value
apple 95.18lb $284.59
artichoke 3.87 lb $15.44
arugula 0.65 lb 3.73 lb $18.66
basil 0.02 lb 1.61 lb $9.64
beets + greens 13.57 lb $27.00
bell pepper 0.81 lb $3.23
bergamot orange 0.21 lb $0.42
blackberry 4.47 lb $40.25
bok choy 2.24 lb $5.59
cabbage 5.28 lb $10.51
carrot 4.51 lb $6.76
chard 0.80 lb $4.02
chive blossoms 0.05 lb $0.18
chives 0.04 lb 0.28 lb $0.98
cilantro 0.24 lb $1.92
coriander seed (dry weight) 0.17 lb $1.59
cress 0.85 lb $4.25
cucumber 44.35 lb $88.69
dry beans 5.02 lb $20.06
eggplant 4.41 lb $8.82
elderberry 1.54 lb $13.87
gooseberry 0.91 lb $8.18
green bean 0.27 lb 15.03 lb $45.08
green onions 0.03 lb 1.43 lb $5.67
habanero 0.95 lb $8.51
hops (dry weight) 0.15 lb $7.20
hot peppers (misc) 8.83 lb $35.22
jalapeño 14.28 lb $99.78
kale 1.73 lb 4.48 lb $8.92
kohlrabi 5.45 lb $27.25
leeks 19.15 lb $38.11
lemongrass 0.03 lb $0.06
lettuce 4.49 lb $22.47
lime leaf 0.003 lb $0.01
melon 3.01 lb $6.03
Meyer lemon 1.45 lb $2.90
miner’s lettuce 0.39 lb $1.97
mint 0.47 lb $1.61
mulberry 2.01 lb $18.06
nectarine 1.61 lb $4.84
onion 20.88lb $41.55
oregano 0.06 lb 0.29 lb $0.99
padrón peppers 4.88 lb $34.08
parsley 0.02 lb 0.31 lb $2.46
pears 15.73lb $39.18
persimmons 7.91 lb 7.91 lb $15.75
plums 60.83lb $182.50
pluots 6.73 lb $20.20
pomegranate 6.45 lb 8.75 lb $43.64
poppy seeds (dry weight) 0.32 lb $3.83
potato 2.03 lb $4.06
purslane 0.88 lb $4.38
radish pods 1.09 lb $2.72
radishes + greens 5.12 lb $12.75
raspberry 0.18 lb $1.58
rosemary 0.12 lb 0.24 lb $0.83
sage 0.14 lb 0.16 lb $0.54
salsify 0.96 lb $1.91
shelling pea 5.08 lb $20.31
snow pea 2.39 lb $9.56
sweet pepper (misc) 22.62 lb $113.12
tarragon 0.09 lb 0.26 lb $0.91
thyme 0.11 0.16 lb $0.56
tomatillo 15.47 lb $46.40
tomato 62.56 lb $187.69
turnips + greens 4.87 lb $24.35
eggs 20 ea 813 ea $338.75
honey 33.64lb $300.30
beeswax 1.52 lb $20.73


Total weight of produce harvested to date:  527.99 lb

Total eggs harvested to date:  833 ( 69.42 dozen!)

Total honey harvested to date: 33.64 lb

Total beeswax harvested to date: 1.52 lb

Approximate total dollar value of harvest to date: $2392.25

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4 Responses to Harvest Totals November 2013

  1. Sarah says:

    Ooh ah–this is exactly what I perpetually try and fail to do. I do (try to) keep a binder of garden records, but I inevitably fall behind. This coming year for sure my New Years resolution will be to keep complete planting and harvesting records (and to post them!).

    Any secret tricks you use to get everything weighed and documented? I’m thinking of pinning a big calendar inside the back door with a pencil hanging from it to serve as a reminder and as an easy way to quickly jot. I’m sure there are apps for garden record keeping these days, but I’m not technologically savvy or well-equipped enough to take advantage.

    Thanks for the inspiration! What fun also to see all your varied produce listed. Do you track harvest weights of different varieties of the same fruit/veggie separately or lump them all?

    • Emilie says:

      Sarah, here’s a photo of my incredibly sophisticated system: https://thomahaakfamilyfarm.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/list.jpg

      Basically a list of the produce I harvest, with totals I add to as I bring them in, hanging by a magnet on my fridge. No secret tricks, really – I just tried to get myself into the habit of it, and after a few weeks it became second nature to weigh everything I brought into the house (now that the harvests are so infrequent, though, I find myself forgetting to weigh my produce sometimes). I tend to forget to weigh herbs, since I often just run outside while I’m cooking, mid-recipe, to grab some; also, anything that I or my family graze on outside (which is considerable during the heavy fruit season!) does not get counted. I did try the calendar method, but that system didn’t really work for me, especially during the summer when I might pick a dozen different things on any given day. And no, I don’t track weights of different varieties (though that would be GREAT for determining how productive each variety is, and helping me decide whether or not to continue growing that variety – though I think I get a decent enough grasp of that information without measuring the quantity produced by each variety); I think that would be too much work and way too complicated!

      One of my goals for next year is to better manage money saved versus money spent on the garden/chickens/bees. I started off the year tracking garden expenditures at mint.com, but since I buy things at the feed store (e.g. dog food) and at Azure Standard (where I get my chicken feed, but also other staples and cleaning supplies etc.) that are not strictly garden-related, that got complicated (and I got lazy) fast. I’d also really like to better track planting records; this year, I had a calendar that I’d jot down seeding/transplanting dates on, but I need a better system to help me manage succession planting. I came across a succession planting guide this last year (http://www.johnnyseeds.com/t-succession_planting_interval_chart_vegetables.aspx?source=GrowersLibVeg_062013) , and I *love* Northwest Edible Life’s succession planting system (http://www.nwedible.com/2013/01/how-to-make-succession-planting-and-year-round-gardening-really-work.html), but I need to figure out a system that will work for me and really help me remember to plant my seeds when I should!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for these links! I scanned them briefly and will return when I have more time. Timing our seeding is a perpetual challenge, though we always start the year with the best of intentions. I think part of the challenge in terms of records in our garden, is that Kelly (who these days has much more time to tend the veggies than I do) is not really on board with extensive record keeping–though she sure appreciates being able to look back at records when we do keep them!

    Sounds like we have similar goals for next year. I, too, want to keep better track of garden expenditures vs. money saved. In my ideal world, I would track just about everything about our gardening, but in reality my resolve tends to ebbs and flow throughout the year. This year was a particularly bad one for record keeping.

    I linked my name to an old post with a photo of my garden record binder. Always looking to improve/simplify this method, but I am a sucker for gathering all the details.

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