Harvest Totals January 2014

The kiddo helping out in the greenhouse.

The kiddo helping out in the greenhouse.

Here are the harvest totals for January 2014, with approximate market value (using retail pricing from our local grocery store and the farmer’s market, with guesstimate pricing on items I haven’t seen for sale).  Pricing reflects produce comparable to what we’re growing: high-quality, in-season, organic fruits and veggies, and eggs from happy chickens fed an organic, GMO-free diet.  I try my best to remember to weigh everything I bring into the house, but these weights do not include the food that we graze on outside!

If you don’t care to look at the chart, there is a summary and total dollar value at the end.

Item January Total market value
beets + greens 0.35 lb $0.70
green onions 0.13 lb $0.54
mint 0.01 lb $0.04
napa cabbage 0.56 lb $1.12
parsley 0.10 lb $0.80
radishes + greens 0.53 lb $1.32
rangpur limes 0.34 lb $0.68
salsify 2.98 lb $5.97
eggs 131 ea $54.58


Total weight of produce harvested in 2014 to date: 5.01 lb

Total eggs harvested in 2014 to date:  131 ( 11 dozen!)

Approximate total dollar value of 2014 harvest to date: $65.73

Approximate farm expenditures in 2014 to date: $175.19 (Yes, this is high for a single month’s spending, and is definitely not typical!  Winter is a high spending time, as it is the time when major seed and bare root purchases are made.  This month’s spending includes about $125 on bare root plus grafting supplies; the balance is on chicken feed.)

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One Response to Harvest Totals January 2014

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Emilie–Happy 2015 to you and yours. Sure missed your posts last year. I hope you and yours are well and will keep my fingers crossed for more news from your farm this year!

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